Mudder timeline


Your guide to a muddy weekend!

Welcome to the Mudder Nation. Now what? Check out the event day timeline below for what to expect leading up to, during and after the event. After you’re done reading, get back to training. That orange headband ain’t going to earn itself.


GET PUMPED. Wake up. Do 25 push-ups. Don't forget to pack your ID.


MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE EVENT. Be there an hour before start time. Event Village opens at 8AM. For directions and parking information, CLICK HERE


DROP OFF YOUR STUFF. Use the Store-Age Bag Drop. Prebook your spot, CLICK HERE.


Smile and wave goodbye to your family, you are about to do something that will change your life!


GET TO THE START LINE. 20 minutes before your wave starts for the warm up and Mudders Pledge.


SHOW YOUR MENTAL GRIT. Get out there and smash it!


CROSS THE FINISH LINE. Get initiated as a Tough Mudder Legionnaire. Get your finisher headband, high five your buddies because you have done it!


CELEBRATE. Pick your poison. Choose between a CBC Lite or a Hunters, either way it will be the best drink you have ever tasted!


CLEAN UP. YOU STINK. We will be providing free rinse stations so you can hose off all the mud!


CELEBRATE SOME MORE. Beers, cool wines & assorted beverages will be available from the bar.


GET BUFFED UP. Get your Tough Mudder BUFF or Salomon Finisher T at the Merchandise stand! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW TO GET ONE FOR FREE!


YOU ARE LOOKING GOOD. Snap a pic and tag us @ToughMudderZA

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Mudders Unite